We exist to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. Go make disciples.

Christian Service

Looking for Christian Service Hours?

There are lots of opportunities at Resurrection Parish to help out! In the past our high school students have:

  • Helped with Vacation Bible School
  • Organized and put on the Haunted House
  • Served juice and cookies after Sunday Masses 
  • Volunteered in the kitchen for weddings

To learn about upcoming opportunities, Send us a message.

*Please keep track of your own hours* Parish staff cannot keep track of each person's hours.

Already completed your hours at Resurrection?

 If you have already completed your hours at Resurrection Parish, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your form, including what you did and the number of hours you completed
  2. Call or email the person who supervised your service to set up a time to get your form signed
  3. Submit the signed form to your teacher