We exist to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. Go make disciples.


Online Weekday and Sunday Mass

Masses are now broadcast daily via the Archdiocese of Regina YouTube channel. Click the image below to find it.



CLICK HERE for information and protocols regarding the re-opening of our Church.

Weekday Masses are open to those wishing to attend, no registration required.

For weekday Masses, In order for the broadcast to begin on time, please arrive no later than 8:50 am.

Saturday and Sunday Masses registration is required to attend.


To indicate your preference of day and time for the weekend Masses, register by, CLICKING HERE to fill out the registration form.

Please see the video below to see the updated Mass protocol.



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We invite YOU to discern YOUR DECISION to join the Catholic church by journeying with us while we explore our Catholic faith through dialogue and information sharing. 

Are you already a confirmed Catholic?  Then please consider accompanying someone on their discernment journey by volunteering to be a sponsor.

Are you looking to share your talents and gifts with those on the journey?  Contact us and learn about all the ways you can volunteer and share the love of Christ  

The Civic Election, including that of Catholic School  Trustees,  will take place on November 9th this year.  Because of the difficulties associated with face to face contact and personal conversations during campaigning, we will be assisting the candidates through our electronic communications platforms.

You will find profiles and photos of all the candidates for the position of Trustee posted on our Parish website beginning this week.  Their materials will also be available on the websites of the Archdiocese, Regina Catholic Schools and the City of Regina.

Please familiarize yourselves with the candidates and please be sure to Vote to elect the next Board of Trustees for our Regina Catholic Schools.

Please CLICK HERE to take the opportunity to review the candidates for the Regina Catholic School Board. And please exercise your right to vote on November 9th.