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Kids Alive

A Ministry for Children in Kindergarten to Grade 5

Kids Alive is a monthly program that helps children develop in their faith through interactive lessons based on bible stories and Catholic teachings, which engages children in different activities, like games, crafts, teachings and more.


Families are welcome to join their kids for the hour,

or they can have an hour to themselves elsewhere. 


Please contact our office or check the parish bulletin for more information.



Because school shifted to online and parents already have resources accessible to them online, I decided to do more of a community-based kids alive rather than just providing you with resources...

Kids alive 3-4 pm -April 6th

Kids Alive (Kindergarten-Grade 5) join us on zoom- April 6th from 3-4 pm for an afternoon of fun!

We have a surprise activity for the kids as well as some time to hang out with friends at the end while we read a book and enjoy an afternoon snack together.

*** For this session, we will be doing an indoor scavenger hunt; if you could provide your child with assistance if they are younger during the scavenger hunt, that would be ideal. If all parents could provide their child/children with a snack to enjoy at the end of our time together while we have a follow-up discussion and read a book together, that would be phenomenal!

If you have any questions about our virtual kids alive, feel free to message me through messenger, Instagram or email me at

Here is a link to some phenomenal children's bulletins:


Here is a link to some coloring pages courtesy of development and peace. These coloring pages and descriptions provide an enjoyable way for you and your child/children to grow in faith during lent!  family_2021_v3.pdf (


As we approach another Easter impacted by the pandemic, we want to acknowledge that changing our normal holiday traditions is not any easier the second time around. However, we also know that God has equipped you to lead your family's Easter celebrations and to make them memorable!

To help, check out these four ideas for families with kids of all ages! In this FREE Easter Family Download, you'll find:

Ice Cream Seder Activity

"Just Like Heaven" Activity Page

"Jumping Washcloth" Outreach Idea

Joyful Coloring Page