Sacrament Preparation

Registration for the sacraments are for children as follows:

Confirmation and First Eucharist (Grade 2+)

First Reconciliation: (Grade 4 +)


For sacrament registration or information on any sacrament, please phone our office at  306-352-8044, or email

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can plan dates.

Classes are determined at the beginning of each school year.



What are the dates for the classes?

Due to the large number of children in our parish, dates are set once we know how many sessions will be required.

Confirmation & First Eucharist:

The program consists of one parent meeting followed by five family sessions spread over 3-4 months. A rehearsal date is determined once the Archbishop sets the confirmation date.

Confirmation and First Eucharist is celebrated sometime between Easter and end of June. 


First Reconciliation:

The program consists of two family sessions and then a celebration of the sacrament.


What can we do at home to help our children get ready for these Sacraments?

One of the best ways you can help prepare for the Sacraments as a family is to attend Mass weekly together! Doing acts of service in your community is an important way to participate in the mission of the church as well. We will provide you with various opportunities to deepen your faith life, and to support each other throughout the preparation time too!